High-speed milling

The High Speed Milling Department is another of STEMA Tech’s strengths. The Department includes 4 machines:
  • Yasda YBM-950V (working volume 900x500x250 mm)
  • Okuma MB 56VB (working volume 1050x560x300 mm)
  • Yasda YBM-9150V (working volume 1750x700x250 mm)
  • Yasda YBM-640 V VER. III (working volume 600x400x350 mm), installed at the beginning of 2018
All machines were installed in a temperature controlled area, so as to ensure environmental conditions adequate to the sought level of dimensional accuracy.

These CNC machining centers are equipped with spindles that can reach 24,000 rpm and therefore allow, using suitable tools, to obtain extremely high geometric precisions and rigorous surface finishes, comparable to those achievable with the best planetary adjustments, yet with advantages in terms of efficiency and reliability.