Quality control

The precision required in the production of the molds and dies has led STEMA Tech to equip its workshop with a considerable amount of modern equipment for the dimensional control of the products; these apparatuses have been widely distributed throughout the various departments, so that the operators can constantly check their own activity in a self-control regime.

There is also a specific metrological room, which is, among other things, equipped with:
  • 3D bridge-type measuring machine Trimek Spark 10.7.5
  • Optical measuring machine OGP Hommel
  • Control system Mestra Touch 300

where all the necessary "off-line" checks, as well as the checks on the test parts, can be carried out and recorded.
With such equipment STEMA Tech is also able to perform accurate reverse engineering operations on existing molds, to satisfy every possible request solicited by our customers for spare parts and maintenance.